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ITLaw will bring you developments is Information Technology and Law as they relate to business and you as a consumer. We will cover everything from Intellectual Property to new businesses developed to leverage the power of the Internet.

The uptake and widespread use of new technology affects every one of us directly and indirectly, it provides us with better ways of communicating, learning, doing business but also has adverse effects such as the a new set of crimes and criminal behavior.

Our team of contributors comprises of experts in the legal profession and the technology sector, who will be updating this site with articles that relate to “The Law, the Internet and Information Technology in Australia

Our legal representatives handle a variety of legal issues relating to IT. They are involved in drafting, negotiating, and interpreting agreements, particularly in the areas of maintenance agreements, IT consulting, e-commerce, software licensing, website hosting, website development, Internet Service provision and telecommunications agreements.

We provide advice on business arrangements from conceptualisation and collaboration through to dispute resolution.

Other areas include advising on domain name issues, IT outsourcing arrangements, software and hardware supply.

We can help you with practical advice on starting your new on-line project.

We can also recommend contractors for website development, software developers, hosting and other related services.

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